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According to the Common Ground Alliance, there were half-a-million reported line-strikes, near-misses, and incidents during the year 2019; These accidents cost the US an estimated $30 billion dollars. Source: Dirt Report.
Using a HydroVac to locate and clear underground utilities can help to prevent line-strikes and associate costs.

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Boss Enterprises, Inc. is a hydro excavation company based in Gillette, Wyoming since 2001. We serve customers in Wyoming, South Dakota, Montana, and more.



Line Crossings

Excavators and Trenchers frequently have to cross existing underground lines. HydroVac and AirVac provide the safest way to cross existing underground infrastructure.

When doing a line crossing, the HydroVac operator first exposes the underground line, and then excavates a safe* distance around the the line. Once this is done, the mechanical excavation can trench up to both sides of the line, without risking a line strike.

*safe distance is determined by the pipeline/facility owner, and or the operator of the mechanical excavator.


Pot-Holing & Daylighting

Pot Holing and Daylighting refer to the practice of exposing a known underground infrastructure. Utility locates are great, but they are only approximate. When digging in the vicinity of underground infrastructure, it is necessary to get "eyes on" buried lines. After a line has been safely Day-lighted by a HydroVac, the excavator operator can see and know exactly where a buried line is.


Trenching & Hydro Excavation

Sometimes it is safer and faster to simply do the entire trench using hydro excavation. This is common inside production facilities, under buildings, and where there are multiple line crossings in a small area.


Piers and Foundations

Using a Hydrvac: Pier holes and footers can be safley excavated around existing infrastruture, and the spoils are removed leaving a clean hole ready for cement.

Pier Hole for Support Pier Hole for Support

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